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The Delivery Program That Lifts Spirits About Hygiene Insecurity

What Is Hygiene Insecurity?

Hygiene insecurity is a real crisis among the American population with families and individuals struggling to purchase hygiene necessities such as deodorant, soap, razors, and shampoo. The list goes on and so does the need for these everyday items that many people take for granted. Hygiene insecurity is:

● The child getting bullied for not having their hair brushed

● The “smelly” guy at work that used his last few dollars on bus fare to get to work ● The woman in the store that is in serious need of buying female hygiene products but uses her money to buy her newborn diapers

A Call To Action

BAG Lady Outreach is a nonprofit organization that acknowledges and is working to combat the hygiene crisis in the Chicagoland area. Our Pilot Program is one way we support the men, women, and children struggling with hygiene insecurity. We deliver hygiene items to those who are unable to afford them and lack transportation. Some items include:

● Shampoo and Conditioner

● Socks

● Dental Hygiene

● Masks and Hand Sanitizer

● Body Wash

● Deodorant

● And much more!

Pilot Program Impact

Ms. Lisa, a resident of Joliet, IL relies on local food pantries and BAG Lady Outreach to help her in times of need. After spending a day at the food pantry, she noticed an ad for the BAG Lady Outreach Pilot Program. In February 2022 she made contact with BAG Lady Outreach and received her hygiene bags via the Pilot Program. Her order contained hygiene items and a purse with her choice of color. “It was nice to receive something during a time in need,” says Ms. Lisa. “It made me feel good about myself.”

Support Us

You can support BAG Lady Outreach by donating, volunteering at our upcoming events, or visiting our website and social media pages. By sharing, liking, and commenting on our posts you will not only spread awareness about our organization but also help those in need like Ms. Lisa. We thank you for your support and will walk with you to take your next steps in joining our organization today!

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