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Fall Essentials

As the fall starts to set in and the weather starts to change, so does the rising need for daily essentials. As we prepare for the fall season we’ve created a mini list of basic essentials that can help individuals suffering from poverty and homelessness to get through the upcoming chilling seasons.

Antibacterial Wipes / Hand Sanitizer

With the coming of the fall and winter so comes the season of colds and the spread of germs from all around the community. While this is an issue that is hard to control, we can aid in preventing the spread of those germs by using antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers. These items, while already essential to our daily routines, are even more important to individuals in need as they bear with unfavorable conditions.


Another item on the mini list is tissues. Tissues have a variety of uses, from being used to wipe a runny nose to toilet paper when all else has run out. With the coming weather changes tissues are very useful and handy to have for individuals who may not be able to afford or access them.

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers might seem like a bit of a luxury, but they are essential to have for individuals like the homeless that must bear with the outdoors and the harsh weather changes in our communities. They provide relief from the cold and can be used to help keep warm whenever needed.


While it may not have crossed your mind, most people wear socks on a daily basis. They provide both warmth and comfort, but above all else, they also provide your feet with protection. Socks are needed even more during the upcoming seasons where health concerns for the poor and homeless arise.

Lotion & Lip Balm

These two items are also essentials that don’t typically pop into our heads right away; however, they do hold importance. Lotion is essential to the colder weather as our skin dries out with the change of the seasons. When left without care, our skin can crack and split open resulting in small wounds like paper cuts that can sting and be painful.

The same goes for lip-balm that is not hard to come by but often more of an added expense. These necessities we take for granted could help other individuals in need as they get through these trying times.

While we are in need of many other items, we hope to be able to provide these few in bulk to help underserved individuals prepare as early as possible.

Regardless, each and every item is valuable in helping to alleviate If you’re curious about what other items can be donated to help those in need within our community, visit our website to learn more.

Feel free to contact us at or donate by visiting our donation page.

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