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Toiletry Locker Program Provides Hope

BAG Lady Outreach’s Toiletry Locker Program exists to help students receive essential hygiene products that they may not have at home. It allows students to easily obtain some of the resources they may be struggling to get at home.

The Toiletry Lockers are currently in over 15 schools around the Chicagoland area, spreading hope and a sense of relief for struggling teenagers and their families. Community and Alumni Relations Director with Joliet Township High School, Kristine Schlismann said, “Archana (founder of BAG Lady Outreach) epitomizes the saying that one person can make a difference. She continually looks for the needs in our community, so that she can provide access to essential supplies that no person should be denied.”

The Toiletry Locker initiative began at the Joliet Township High School and has now expanded around the Chicagoland area. It is an amazing opportunity for young people to get the resources they may lack. It can be embarrassing for a teenager to reach out for help but seeing these Toiletry Lockers can make them feel like they are not alone. BAG Lady Outreach is here to help with these students’ needs so they can try to live a happy, carefree life as high schoolers should.

BAG Lady Outreach is entirely run by donations and volunteers and has impacted over 18,000 people throughout its duration thus far. Check out for more information on how YOU can impact your community.

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