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Our CEO and Founder, Archana Liggins is so grateful for the opportunity that we had to send 43 BAG Lady Outreach’s #PromotingHealthyHygieneHabits bags to 50 organizations across the United States. The total of 2,150 bags included a face mask, hand sanitizer packs, and a pack of pocket tissue and were created by our amazing volunteers due to the COVID-19 pandemic across the country.

We asked the receiving organization to If possible, to:

1.Take pics of the package, contents, yourself, and your location.

2. Post to Social Media and tag BAG Lady Outreach on Instagram and Facebook.

3. Smile and know that you are #SpreadingKindness and being a #BAGLadyOutreachFairy for BAG Lady Outreach's #BLO50StatesProject


We were so excited as we received the social media tags and thanks from the organizations as well as even hearing from clients who received the bags.


This was one of the largest outreach events that we have done and to do it across the country was a bonus!


2,150 people were impacted by our efforts and we are grateful for the receiving organizations for sharing and participating in our 2020 #BLO50StatesProject!